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In the GTC team

Subject area Foreign Trade

Training as a merchant for wholesale and foreign trade management

Merchants for wholesale and foreign trade management specialized in foreign trade, organize the exchange of goods and services in export and import transactions. They observe the national and international markets, determine sources of supply as well as the demand for goods and obtain offers. For us this means, always observing the global procurement markets. Regardless of whether it is shell jewelry from the Philippines, cast iron products from India or the finest knives from Japan, we know the right sources of supply

When buying and reselling goods in international trade, they apply foreign trade and customs law provisions as well as international trade clauses. They conclude transport contracts, make calculations and process documentary transactions as an insurance against payment risks.

They also handle cost accounting processes, internal and external document flow, process complaints and organize marketing measures that extend to the point of sale (PoS).

We are a motivated and international team, even though a small one, with colleagues in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Correspondence and daily exchanges by telephone are a matter of course for our work. With us, young people have the opportunity to learn and understand the entire trading process.

Language skills are an important requirement and the will for intercultural understanding is essential.

Our employees successively take over responsibility as part of the team. This also includes trips to customers and producers domestically and abroad.

With us, you get ahead!

Language courses

We assume that you have a good command of English from school. In order to complete language skills and to close any gaps, we offer our employees the opportunity to take advanced language courses in English, but also, if useful, in other languages.

IHK Trainer Certificate (AEVO)

We actively support the IHK (AEVO) trainer certificate, the costs are borne by us and, if necessary, an exemption from working hours is also possible. This is how we bring our employees on a “training course”.

Certified Commercial Specialist IHK

A degree for commercial professions at the master’s level. The agreement that we make with our employees is similar to the one for the trainer certificate. We cover the costs and, if necessary, contribute working time where teaching units take place on working days.

Working students

This practical activity of a student is characterized by the professional proximity to the studies. The students spend up to 20 hours a week in our company and so theyhave the opportunity to test their theoretical skills in practice and thus gain experience.
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