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Lots of potential for innovations

There is hardly a business field in which you could prove your corporate identity better than with your own brand. It is not without good reason that lots of hosts deal with everything that marketing has to offer, in order to convey corporate identity credibly and to let corporate design shine as brightly as possible. It is often frightening, with how little you are satisfied with when it comes to the claim of your own brand.

Yes, of course, the shape and design have to be right, but what about function, quality and value for money? Are the private label products really able to stand up to the established ones in a direct comparison and the relevant tests? Do your own employees sell the in-house brand with conviction and enthusiasm?

Our customers can confirm this for our products!

Let’s be honest. There is little to criticize about the “blue-orange” or “yellow-red” highlights, and yet the leading brands still offer enough scope for highly profitable and high-quality own-brand tools that you can find with us.

Our customers therefore include progressive Raiffeisen companies, as well as quality-conscious DIY- market groups. With us, you will look in vain for the lowest quality and cheap scrap – we do not occupy ourselves with that!

We see it as a particular success when customers give at least the price-performance winner in the relevant comparative tests with our products. That is our declared goal and your success!

Garden pruning tools

We dedicate ourselves with great passion to our high-quality cutting tools in all designs, whether garden, branch, hedge or tree shears, whether garden saws or grass shears.

We manufacture tools with wooden, steel, aluminum or fiberglass handles, with forged or multi-hardened cutting sheets and -blades; in fixed lengths but also telescopic. In the last few years we have been particularly busy with modernizing the cutting head architecture and the various types of drive. The success in direct comparison speaks for itself.

One-hand guided garden tools

Single-handed tools are a good example of how easy it is to make good tools, and yet there is so much worthless stuff. In addition to high-quality craftsmanship, there is especially stability, ergonomics, rust protection and finish that count.
In terms of stability, we are the only manufacturer to have clearly decided on the requirements of GS. This means that bent and damaged tools are a thing of the past. The ergonomics of the tools also depend essentially on the handle. It should not only be pretty to look at, but above all show its strengths while working. Poking, pulling, pushing and chopping are just as much part of the integral requirements, as the permanent connection to the tool head. Our handles are especially developed and patented for this. What counts for the rust protection, are the materials used, but also the finishing process for additional electroplating or powder coating and the care accuracy during processing.

Two Hand-held garden tools

We have in the program the entire variety of two-hand tools, starting with the different versions of forged digging tools, the regionally and functionally different shovel types, up to the countless soil cultivating hoes and rakes. Either with or without a handle, in wood, aluminum or plastic. Our proven 1-2-3 fastening system guarantees, with the help of the wing nut, a form-fitting and force-fitting assembly of wooden handles in seconds – without any tools! In recent years we have expanded and refined the range of harvesters, also with roller collectors.

With our range of “forestry tools”, we take account of the general trend towards self-harvested, CO2-neutral fuels with forged hatchets and axes. We have in program traditional wooden-handled tools as well as modern composite solutions.

Small furniture, transport aids and wooden products

Our recipe for success lies in realizing a very simple product with a high quality level. To produce transport aids or flower rollers properly or inferiorly does not make that big a difference in price and yet you will only find a few manufacturers on the market who can meet our requirements.

We have built up an assortment with more than 100 models of wooden flower and plant trolleys for domestic and foreign customers. We manufacture flower and transport trollies in various types of softwood and hardwood from solid wood, wood-based materials or composite materials with a wide variety of roles.
We refine the surfaces with glazes, varnishes, oils and waxes or we leave them raw – we also plane the surface texture according to customer requirements or cover with suitable materials, such as fabrics, carpets or foils. With 1,000,000 trollies per calendar year, we are one of the largest manufacturers in the industry. We manufacture all wood products in the EU, and we import our versions made of metal, glass, stone, etc. from overseas.

In addition to our extensive range of transport trollies, we produce other wooden items. Starting with stackable and rollable multi-purpose boxes for planting purposes, raised beds and planting stations, through wooden household items and accessories to small pieces of furniture.

If you have any further wishes or ideas, we look forward to your message!

House & garden

Over the years, many smaller product ranges have been developed, due to the intensive collaboration with the “Household” and “Garden” purchasing areas. Further we have in program brushes and brooms, water brooms and washing brush ranges, irrigation and irrigation accessories, garden rubbish bags / systems, sun and weather protection as well as household and workshop storage.

In these areas also we are working consistently on product ranges and articles. That is for example why our customers like to rely on our tested and heavy-duty garden bags with a double bottom, reinforced handles and high UV resistance. So that the user can also transport them inside his vehicle or in an open trailer, we offer our protected, modular leaf rubbish bag program with a cover and zipper.

Advertising and promotion items

Our good business partners keep asking us for advertising and promotional items that sometimes have nothing to do with our afore mentioned, traditional core areas.

Over the past two decades, this has resulted in a respectable “range” of a wide variety of successful advertising and promotional items.

So, precisely from such individual, successful promotional items, very interesting smaller assortments arise again, such as safety items sets, first-aid kits and fire blankets or flagpoles with flags and fan articles, wheelbarrows and extended ranges of wheels with spare parts, door stoppers, shoe accessories and shoe care products, tarpaulins, protective covers and much more.

Industrial semi-finished

It doesn’t matter if it concerns turned, milled or housing parts in steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum or other materials, stamped, bent, hardened or forged semi-finished goods, injection-molded or extruded plastic parts, finished or partially assembled electrical components, circuit boards and heating elements or special assembly work.

We procure all semi-finished parts of medium to low complexity in medium to large quantities.

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